Laser Dentistry


If you are interested in Laser dentistry please book in with Andrea Clarke BDS .


Andrea was the first Waterlase MD laser user in New Zealand & is the Waterlase trainer for New Zealand & the Pacific Islands & has taught & presented both locally & internationally on Laser Dentistry.


This laser can be used during the following procedures, in many cases with little or no discomfort


  • Minimally invasive gum surgery
  • Saving teeth that would ordinarily need extracting or need expensive & time consuming specialist treatment to save them Laser root fillings/endodontics  
  • Treatment of gum infection
  • Removal of lumps & bumps.
  • It can fix cold sores & small mouth ulcers


This amazing technology is used to make many difficult procedures easy & has enabled Andrea to save teeth that would traditionally have been unsalvageable and would thus have been extracted.

Below are some case studies where our MD Waterlase Laser helped solve dental problems which traditionally would have been very difficult to achieve. 


Case study 1 - Laser Smile Design



This patient was referred to me after his braces were removed. His gums had become swollen whilst wearing his braces because of poor oral hygiene. I used my laser to gently and painlessly remove the enlarged gum to create a more natural and pleasing looking smile. The after image here was taken immediately after I completed the laser treatment.


Case Study 2 Saving A Tooth & A Patients Overseas Trip



 This patient arrived with a central incisor that had snapped off at the gum line. To further complicate things she was going on holiday 2 days later. Using my laser I gently removed hard and soft tissue to make what was left of her root poke out of the gum enough for us to make her a sameday E4D CadCam Emax crown. She was a very happy patient as we could perform this treatment in one day. Non laser root lengthening normally takes 3 months to heal before a crown can be placed.


Case Study 3 Fibrous Tag Removal (Frenectomy)



This patient had a fibrous tag on his upper lip that was attached all the way through the middle of his upper incisors. (Roll the mouse over the image on the right - the yellow arrows point out the frenum) It was the cause of the gap in his smile. He was referred to me by his orthodontist to have a laser frenectomy. Using my laser I painlessly removed the fibrous piece of gum. A year later the gaap had completely closed. The image shows the gap between the front teeth from the front and back before the laser frenectomy and the gap closed after a year. The patient is now wearing braces.


Case Study 4 The Unfixable Tooth All Fixed



This patient arrived with a tooth ache. She had bitten on her root filled tooth and  had snapped off her tooth cusp well below the gum level. I gently removed hard and soft tissue to make what was left of her root poke out of the gum enough for us to take an impression so we could make her a crown. The image shows before I started her treatment and after I cemented her crown in place 


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