Milford Dentists on Auckland’s North Shore has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry.  Providing both high end Cosmetic Dentistry & simple inexpensive “tweaks” to smiles throughout the Milford &Takapuna area & Auckland wide since 1997.  

View a  selection of our cosmetic cases below to see how the teeth looked before and after or view our  Cosmetic Dentistry  Gallery  to see more cases.



Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry




Cosmetic dentistry spans a number of dental fields. Improving your smile can vary in complexity from simple filling replacements with tooth-colour matched composite resin (see image below) to full smile makeovers using Dental Crowns, Porcelain veneers, dental implants & even dentures.

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Andrea Clarke & her team believe that Cosmetic Dentistry outcomes are all about creating beautiful, natural looking smiles. Enhancing your smile naturally  with our help without it looking like you have a mouth full of dentistry is what we believe this is all about - ie  creating a beautiful natural  smile that doesn’t look like great dentistry, just great teeth. This can be achieved in many different ways. Whether it’s unsightly fillings, old amalgams, crooked teeth, gaps, decayed, lost, broken, discoloured or stained teeth we can help you.



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Here are a few cosmetic cases which show what can be done. That smile could be yours in a very short period of time and often for less than you’d expect to pay.


Cosmetic dentistry for a gentleman from Remuera, Auckland Case 1 - White fillings


Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry


This gentleman wanted to enhance his smile. He didn’t want to lose the character of his smile; he just wanted a better version. This is an interesting cosmetic conundrum. He has a very small pointed lateral incisor (called a peg lateral) on his right-hand side & a missing lateral incisor on the left hand side. The eye tooth on the left is in the missing lateral incisor position. So, there is a tooth that is too narrow on his right hand side & a tooth that is too wide in the mirror image position on his left. After having his teeth whitened by Milford Dentists Hygienist- therapist Karen Boyd, Andrea removed the old dentistry (discoloured fillings) with gentle air abrasion & placed colour-matched composite resin. Improving the tooth shapes here created the illusion of an even smile & a happy patient. Composite resin tweaks like this can be an inexpensive and quick way of making quite dramatic improvements to a smile. Read More on white fillings.


Cosmetic dentistry for a lady from Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland. Case 2 - Combination - Dental Crown replaced - 3 Emax Porcelain Veneers placed and Composite Resin Filling replacements



Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry


This lady from Takapuna, presented with a couple of dental problems. She hated her discoloured front teeth, especially the old Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown on her root filled central incisor. She was very conscious of the "black line at the margin of this crown. This is caused because the metal reinforcing under these old crowns is totally opaque which means light bounces off it rather passing through it. Teeth & most all-porcelain crowns are more translucent allowing light to be absorbed & passed through the tooth giving that lovely natural look. Here Andrea replaced her old dental crown with an all-porcelain Emax crown. This lady also opted for Emax Porcelain Veneers on the other 3 upper incisors & Colour matched white composite fillings on her eye teeth giving a much improved appearance & a very happy patient.


Cosmetic dentistry for a lady from Browns Bay, North Shore, Auckland. Case 3 - Emax porcelain dental veneers

emax press veneers. 


Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry


This Lady from Browns Bay sought Andrea’s help as she hated her gappy teeth. After working through all her options & seeing how her teeth would look using Digital Smile Design & a Trial Smile she opted for 7 Emax press veneers. nb a Trial Smile is a quick, simple & inexpensive way of adding tooth coloured plastic to your teeth to see how your teeth will look after treatment. The plastic coatings are easily removed. Andrea uses Trial Smiles a lot to make sure both she & her patients have a close idea of what things will look like before treatment is commenced – essentially you see what your teeth will look like before you start. At this stage in the planning changes can be easily made to the final Smile Design. Read more on Porcelain Dental Veneers


Cosmetic Dentistry for a Gentleman from Northcote, North Shore, Auckland. Case 4 – Laser smile design



Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry


This patient from Northcote was referred to Andrea after his braces were removed. His gums had become swollen whilst wearing his braces because of poor oral hygiene. Andrea used the MD Waterlase laser to gently and painlessly remove the enlarged gum to create a more natural and pleasing looking smile. The after image here was taken immedately after she completed the laser treatment hence the gum looking a little angry – this settled after a couple of days. 


Cosmetic Dentistry for a Lady from Birkenhead, North Shore, Auckland. Case 5 - full upper denture



Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry


This lady from Birkenhead had been told that replacing her old broken socketed acrylic denture was not possible by another dentist & a dental technician. She sought help from Andrea who, where possible, duplicated what was left whilst adding to & enhancing the overall appearance with a full socketed acrylic upper denture. All smiles again. Read more on Dentures


Cosmetic Dentistry for a Gentleman from Milford, North Shore, Auckland Case 6 – Combinations of Emax Press porcelain Dental Veneers and Overlay Crowns



Milford Dentists Cosmetic Dentistry


This Gentleman from Milford had been seeing Andrea for several years & asked her for ideas to give his smile a lift. His brief was quite specific. He wanted his teeth to look great but he didn’t want it to look like he’d had a cosmetic dental make over ie he did not want a "Hollywood Smile". After performing Tooth Whitening, Digital Smile Design & a Trial Smile, a combination of 10 Emax porcelain veneers & overlay crowns were placed. Read more on Dental Crowns & Tooth Veneers.


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