What are tooth veneers?



Tooth veneers are thin slivers of porcelain or composite resin which are permanently cemented to the front teeth. They can dramatically improve the appearance of teeth that are broken, chipped, misshaped, crooked, stained or discoloured. They are also great for closing gaps between teeth. Tooth veneers take up very little space thus only a small amount of tooth is removed to allow room for them. They work along the same lines as a false finger nail, masking the problem area.



Traditionally two visits are required, spread over a week, however since 2009 Andrea has been making crowns & veneers in the “same day” using E4D Cad/Cam technology. Click here for more about E4D. On both small & more complex cases we adopt a team approach involving you & our Dental Technicians to give you the smile you want.




Veneer process involving our Dental Technicians.


We prepare the tooth or teeth, take impressions, & place a temporary restoration during the first appointment. The impressions are given to my technician who makes the veneers. This normally takes a week. (We can speed this process up if you are on a tight time scale.) The second appointment involves trying in the veneers to check that everything looks & feels right. We then cement it or them on.







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Tooth Veneers

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If you are interested in “Same Day CAD/CAM dental crowns & tooth veneers” please book in with Andrea.

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