E4D CAD/CAM Dentistry – Creating beautiful porcelain crowns, onlays & veneers in a day.

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The E4D unit can create very strong, beautiful porcelain crowns & veneers over a few hours in a day as opposed to the conventional 2 week prep appointment then cementation visit time frame. Instead of trips to the dentist spread over a couple of weeks, with perhaps extra visits to recement temporaries that have fallen, your tooth is prepared & then digitally scanned. The resulting 3D image is then computer designed (CAD) & the new porcelain restoration is milled at our rooms using a powerful computer driven milling unit (CAM) out of a block of porcelain. It is then characterised & cemented on your tooth, generally an hour or so later or later that day.


Crowns Veneers Same Day



There is a tremendous advantage restoring teeth with porcelain CAD/CAM same day restorations.


  • The tooth preparation is as minimal as possible as the crowns/veneers are retained with very strong bonds & cement.
  • As the tooth is being restored very quickly, compared to a conventional crown/veneer (which is normally a 2 week process) there is no opportunity for the exposed tooth structure to become contaminated with bacteria.
  • This means less discomfort/pain after the procedure.
  • Because these restorations are made of porcelain they are very life like
  • These restorations are often less expensive than a traditional crown


Crowns /Veneers Same Day

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