What are Dental Crowns?


Crowns are tooth shaped caps specially made by the dental team to fit over your teeth


Milford Dentists Dental Crowns



Why have teeth crowned? - Here are 4 reasons a Dental crown is an option to consider

  1. For cosmetic reasons 
  2. To protect a tooth. Teeth with large fillings are structurally weak. Bits of tooth or filling can break off during chewing. Crowning a tooth stops this happening. 
  3. To improve the health of your gums & prevent decay Large fillings are sometimes poorly shaped & can create areas where food collects (food traps). This continuous collecting of food debris creates 2 problems gum infection (periodontal disease)   & tooth decay. With gum infection the bone that holds your teeth in is destroyed creating a bigger gap between your teeth. This results in more food trapping (a vicious circle). The food that is trapped is “eaten” by bacteria that live in your mouth. These bacteria excrete acids. This acid starts the decay process. Crowning teeth restores the natural shape of the tooth thus reducing food trapping. 
  4. To improve the way your teeth bite together, thus improving your ability to chew & enjoy eating.



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Dental Crowns

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