Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

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View our before & after images of tooth lightening multiple front teeth by clicking on the gallery on the right. Milford Dentists uses both "in surgery" & "at home" tooth Whitening to lighten upper & lower teeth. The most effective tooth lightening process is combining both of the above. Please contact us & ask our Dental Hygienist Karen for treatment details.

Sometimes a dead or root filled tooth will darken on its own leaving a "black" tooth.

Is it possible to lighten a ‘dead’ discoloured tooth?

Internal Tooth Whitening of Root Filled dead ToothYes. This process involves placing a lightening agent into the body of the “dead” root filled tooth for 7 days. This process is often very sucessful making further cosmetic work unnecessary. The photo below shows a slightly yellow chipped central incisor. If you hover your mouse over the image you will see that this tooth started life a lot darker after discolouringwhen it became non vital. Our plan here was to place aporcelain veneer the tooth after internal tooth lightening but the patient was so happy with the improved appearance she opted to not proceed with the veneer. Andrea Clarke BDS

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