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Bad breath facts


  1. Bad breath is a symptom of an underlying condition or disease process.  If the disease or condition is fixed bad breath will go away!
  2. Nine out of ten bad breath odours come from the coating on your tongue. This coating is made up of a mature biofilm & mucous - see bad breath causes
  3. Chronic bad breath sufferers who are aware of their condition are ashamed & embarrassed, lacking in confidence and frustrated because over the counter mouthwashes & teeth cleaning merely seem to mask the problem
  4. Half the population will suffer from bad breath at some point in their lives.
  5. The OralChroma machine
  • Identifies the type of bad breath smell i.e. which type or combination of volatile sulphur compounds is present.
  • It localises where the bacteria creating these gases are harboured in your mouth, throat & sinuses.
  • It quantifies bad breath smells giving an indication of the extent of the halitosis. 
  • This scientific approach is key to diagnosing & creating a solution for bad breath

Milford Dentist Oral Chroma Machine




Diagnosing the cause of bad breath is part of the solution leading to treatment options to solve the bad breath problem


We call this diagnostic process the Full Halicheck.

The Full Halicheck involves

  a) Breath analysis using our OralChroma

  b) Saliva analysis

  c) Medical history & dietary analysis

  d) Taking bitewing x-rays to look for jaw bone infection, areas where food is impacting & decaying teeth

  e) Gum assessment to check for bacterial infection of the gums & jaw bone


Breath analysis using our OralChroma


At the New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic, we have a specifically designed gas chromatograph machine called the OralChroma developed to analyse oral gases. This is the only OralChroma in New Zealand.


Certain bacteria create bad breath gases or smells. There are three main gases responsible for bad breath

  1. Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten eggs),
  2. Methyl Mercaptan (faeces) and
  3. Dimethyl Sulphide (cabbage or gasoline).


The OralChroma analyses a breath sample breaking it down into these three main gases. Sampling & running the test is simple & quick. The results are displayed in an easy to understand bar chart.


Milford Dentists Fresh Breach Detection Chart


Saliva analysis


While the breath sample is being processed in the OralChroma we will test the PH of your saliva & also assess whether there is a healthy amount of saliva being produced.


Medical history & dietary analysis


Medical history & dietary analysis will help us confirm the causes of bad breath & indicate things you may be doing that are making the Halitosis worse.


The Solution


Once we ascertain where the bad breath Bacteria are in your mouth & which type of bacteria they are, we are able to establish a clear protocol for your bad breath problem


You may be pleasantly surprised that your bad breath is clinically not detectable. If there is a problem 9 out 10 cases have an oral cause which can be treated both quickly & effectively.


Milford Dentists Fresh Breath Clinic

Recommended treatments can involve one or more of the following:

  • Changes to Lifestyle
  • Dietary changes
  • Use of tailor made bad breath products designed to treat not just mask the halitosis such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, nasal washes, probiotics & tongue scrapers 
  • A detailed dental examination at your dentists to establish if there are any areas where food is trapping & subsequently rotting. Remedial dental work may be required to help eliminate your bad breath problem
  • Referral to a dental hygienist for removal of the hard build up (calculus) that is trapping bad bacteria leading to bad breath.
  • Referral to a medical specialist in a small number of cases - your GP or an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.


The Good news - Recent research shows that the majority of halitosis causing bacteria lives on the top (dorsum) of the tongue. Simply using a tongue scraper (not the back of your toothbrush) and some probiotics to prevent the growth of the bad bacteria again in those deep crevices of your tongue maybe all that is needed. Establish this with a simple test - scrape right to the back of the tongue with an upturned teaspoon. Place the teaspoon on a clean surface. Leave for a few minutes then smell it. If it’s smelly there is probably a bad breath problem.


We have set the New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic to support you every step of the way towards your goal of having fresh breath.


For those not wanting the Full Halicheck we offer an OralChroma Check option -Breath analysis using our OralChroma 


Should you wish to build on this you can simply have the other elements of the full Halicheck performed at a later date.

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