Fresh Breath Consultants


The New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic is located in Milford, Auckland in partnership with Milford Dentists.


Our clinic is run under the supervision of Andrea Clarke, the principle dentist at Milford Dentists which she set up in 1997. She is excited to bring New Zealand its first Breath Analysis Clinic.


Working alongside Andrea are our Breath Analysis Consultants Karen Boyd & Mel Finau. Andrea, Karen & Mel, plus our support team are extremely understanding of patients concerns and anxieties when it comes to facing their bad breath concerns.


The New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic is a modern and specialized clinic dedicated to the diagnosis of bad breath conditions using our OralChroma analysis machine and treatment using KForce products. Whether you want to rid yourself of Halitosis or are curious to see if you are suffering from bad breath we are happy to accept all patients. Call us today to speak to one of our empathetic staff who can offer as much detail as you need on (09) 489 6575 or email us -


Our Breath Analysis consultants have received specialized training in Australia with Dr Geoff Speiser who has owned and operated his own breath clinic in Sydney since 1997 -




Karen Hobbs HBSc in Oral Health



Karen Boyd has worked for Milford Dentists since 2003. Karen is our Dental Hygienist, oral therapist & Breath analysis consultant at The New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic. Karen is patient and explains procedures to make the patient more at ease and strives to make the appointment as comfortable as possible. Karen welcomes all new patients and works 2 late nights on a Monday and Tuesday till 7pm


Mel Finau





Mel Finau is a Breath Analysis consultant as well as the Practice Manager at Milford Dentists. She has been with us since November 2012 and brings with her over 10 years of knowledge in the dental industry. Starting out as a dental assistant Mel moved into a managerial role for Auckland Regional Dental Services culminating in overseeing 4 School Dental Clinics combining into one. Mel will always go that extra mile for you to make sure that you are looked after and follow up by ensuring that you have all the support and time you need to reach your goal of obtaining a clean and fresh mouth.

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