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For up to a third of the population halitosis is part of daily life, whether it's suffering from it or working or living with someone that has bad breath. Many people suffer from chronic halitosis on a daily basis for years. Regardless of how much teeth cleaning and rinsing with mouthwash sufferers of Halitosis still have persistent bad breath problems. We at the New Zealand Fresh Breath Clinic feel your frustration and are here to help.


Contact us today & schedule your Halicheck or OralChroma Check consultation with one of our Breath Analysis Consultants.

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Halicheck - $254


  a) Breath analysis using our OralChroma

  b) Saliva analysis

  c) Medical history & dietary analysis

  d) Taking bitewing x-rays to look for jaw bone infection, areas where food is impacting & decaying teeth

  e) Gum assessment to check for bacterial infection of the gums & jaw bone


OralChroma Check - $134


Breath analysis using our OralChroma


We guarantee results to those who follow our recommended programme.

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