Children's Dentistry


Our Oral Health Therapists (OHTs), Hang and Yamuna are also dental therapists providing general dental care to children up to their 18th birthday & also preventative treatments for adults. They are both dental benefits practitioner as well. This means your child, if at secondary school, can be seen for most dental procedures for free up until their 18th birthday.


Free dentistry for adolescents

New Zealand residents only


Our OHTs provide free dental treatment through the government dental benefit scheme.  Although many dentists feel this service is not financially rewarding for their practice, we believe it is important for the younger generation to look after their teeth and it is a great community service.


For New Zealand children and teenagers up to 18 yrs the government provides free basic dental care.


Our OHTs are able to provide dental examinations, fissure sealants, fillings, extraction of baby teeth, pulpotomys and stainless steel crowns on baby teeth.  Any treatment outside of  Hang and Yamuna's scope of practice will be referred to our dentist Angie Guo.


Special dental benefits

Our OHTs are able to offer free care for special dental benefits children when a referral from a school dental nurse is provided.  Hang and Yamuna also provides free care for emergency treatments outside the hours of the school dental clinic.


Adolescent dental care

Free basic dental care is available for adolescents from year 9 until their 18th birthday.


Enrolling my child

If you would like your child to be enrolled please give us a call on 489 6575.  You will need to complete and sign an enrolment form.


If you want your child to be treated on the dental benefits scheme please contact us for more information or read our dental benefits in our Milford Dentists letter.


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