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White Fillings To Mask Dead Black Or Grey Teeth - Case Study 1

4 Reasons Why Teeth Die And Go Black Or Grey

A dead or non vital tooth will often discolour or darken. Here's why.

  1. Because the tooth has been hit hard and this percussion injury has killed the blood supply feeding into the tooth

  2. Because the tooth has been snapped/fractured by trauma and the exposed nerve becomes infected with bacteria and dies

  3. Because of tooth decay - once the tooth decay reaches the nerve the bacteria kill the nerve

  4. And occassionally because of high temperatures created trying to fix a decayed badly broken down tooth

Case study - This lovely lady from Takapuna has been coming to Milford Dentists for a longtime. She asked me if I could improve the appearance of her two grey teeth. Both teeth had big big fillings, the nerves had died & both had been root filled (or endodontically treated).

She did not have the budget for dental crowns so we opted to (inexpensively) mask the visible parts with a veneer build up of white composite filling material. If you imagine painting over something black to make it look white you need a white opaque layer

  1. Closest to the tooth I bonded a very thin opaque layer which totally blocked out the grey tooth. But now I had 2 bright white teeth shining at me

  2. I now placed a thicker layer of a natural tooth coloured composite resin that had a lovely opacity similar to tooth dentine. This layer looked good but the tooth still looked dull and lifeless

  3. Finally I added a more translucent layer of white filling that mimmics how enamel looks to make the teeth really shine

Here are the before & after pictures of the layered white fillings placed on the upper and lower premolar - (roll over the image with your mouse)


For those of you on a tablet or mobile the mouse over won't work so here is the before and after photoMilford Dentists white fillings for natural looking teeth before and after

As with most dental repairs, although the results are not permanent and eventually require replacement, composite resin fillings are very durable and can offer what we at Milford Dentists believe is a safe, stable, effective solution for the repair of teeth in a lot of situations. 

Talk to us today to learn more about the benefits of white composite resin fillings.

Posted by Andrea Clarke BDS

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