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4 Reasons Why You Need White Fillings

Over the years have you ever stared into your mouth & thought - maybe it’s time to get a more attractive smile?

White-fillings-in-mouth-close-up.jpgWhen many of us had our first tooth cavities, there was a single solution available, commonly known as

Mercury amalgam (or Silver) dental fillings have historically been used to repair a tooth affected by decay, cracks or fractures.

These solutions were initially developed as a low-cost alternative to gold restorations - made from a combination of silver shavings, zinc, copper, tin, and mercury.
 metal, sometimes as silver or mercury amalgam for your fillings … These are three common names are all used for the exact same dental filling-type – Amalgam.

But today if you have you been diagnosed with a cavity, there are alternatives to amalgam available that are recommended by dentists which are stronger, safer and also more durable. White fillings (also known as composite resin fillings or tooth coloured fillings) unlike those metal fillings of the past are virtually invisible, long lasting and can be shaded by our dentists to match the colour of your teeth. A beautiful silver-less smile can now easily be yours for the asking!

Here at Milford Dentist, our practice has been silver-less, mercury amalgam free for more than 15 years.  White composite resin fillings are our clinician’s choice for repair and restoration of all teeth in many situations. So why do our dentists choose metal-free, composite synthetic resin fillings & why should you? 

  1. Would you like your teeth to look naturally white & not darken or tarnish to an unsightly colour as occurs with regular silver or mercury amalgam fillings? Milford Dentists will colour match the tooth to your existing teeth for an undetectable finish, natural look & feel, compared to the longer term unsightly results from silver fillings.

  2. Would you like stronger, longer lasting fillings than from silver or amalgam? White or composite fillings from Milford Dentists are made of materials that actually bond to your tooth tissue from the inside, strengthening your teeth and providing additional support for up to a decade.

    Because composite fillings can be created in smaller preparations, less of your tooth structure is lost and less drilling is also required. Once bonded, the composite filling will also not change shape over time and wear the same as your tooth keeping your dental repair stable & secure.

  3. Would you like a longer term healthy mouth with a reduced chance of decay & bacterial buildup? Becausecracked tooth. Milford Dentists our composite fillings are bonded with adhesive to your tooth structure, the tooth is strengthened & protected against decay or bacterial invasion. White fillings as compared to amalgam are not temperature-sensitive.

    Amalgam fillings expand and contract due to hot and cold environments, which can cause hairline fractures and tooth sensitivity.

    Tiny cracks in the amalgam material or between the filling and natural tooth structure may result in bacterial reinvasion, causing larger issues with decay than were initially encountered.

  4. Are you pregnant, or allergic to metals used in traditional amalgam dental fillings? Amalgam dental fillings were developed from a range of metals (including mercury) as a low-cost alternative to gold. Amalgam gained popularity in dentistry despite concern by some over the potential toxicity of mercury, and recent testing by some has identified that very small amounts of mercury (in vapor form) can be released as the amalgam filling wears.

    White fillings are made from acrylic & glass particles, contain no toxic substances, they can seal your tooth & stabilize its structure far more effectively than amalgam. Read about safe dental amalgam filling removal here

As with most dental repairs, although the results are not permanent and eventually require replacement, composite resin fillings are very durable and can offer what we at Milford Dentists believe is a safer, stable more effective solution to the repair of teeth.

Talk to us today to learn more about the benefits of composite resin vs traditional amalgam fillings and why we have haven’t placed a dental amalgam filling since 1999.

Posted by Andrea Clarke BDS

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