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What Can I Do About White Spots On My Teeth?

If you’ve ever wondered “how do I get rid of white or brown spots on teeth or what can I do about white or brown spots on my teeth" then read on. These white or brown opaque areas on teeth can’t simply be polished away during a routine scale and polish at the dental hygienists or dentists. Could Enamel Microabrasion of these areas work for you?

Do you have brown, yellow or white marks on your front teeth? Have you ever wondered if this can be fixed? Enamel Microbrasion slurry is a chemical-abrasive paste which can be used to safely correct superficial brown, white or multi-coloured enamel staining when done in combination with “at home” tooth whitening. Karen Hobbs our Oral Therapist and Dental Hygienist has had excellent success with this process. She writes “I started doing the procedure on some of my patient who had concerns about the marks on their front teeth, they were uncomfortable about smiling because people would make a comment about the marks on their teeth. Since the procedure they have been so happy with the result and couldn’t believe that they hadn’t done something about it sooner. Here are a few cases that were a great success”

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White and brown stains removed from teeth 

What does the procedure involve? Karen goes on to explain

  1. “At the first appointment I take some impressions of your mouth for the at home whitening procedure.
  2. Several days later we get you back and take some before photos to monitor the changes to your teeth. At this appointment we start treating the spots as well. We put on a barrier to protect your gums. Once this is on I apply a slurry of acid abrasive paste onto the teeth with the marks. I apply this for 60 seconds using a dental polishing brush. This paste safely removes most marks. At this same appointment I check the home whitening trays fit well and go through the directions for use at home. By using the at home whitening for 2 weeks directly after the microbrasion technique, the remaining marks are generally removed and along with lightening the teeth we generally achieve a most pleasing end result.
  3. After the 2 weeks of teeth whitening we get you back in for a quick review and take an after picture. To compare – here a couple of before & after cases”

 White and brown stains removed from teeth

Karen goes onto to note that the microbrasion procedure is painless. However whilst doing the at home whitening you may experience some sensitivity.

If you are interested in having Dental Microabrasion because you have white or brown spots on your teeth give Milford Dentists a call & book in with Karen for an assessment. We can also help with Cosmetic Dentistry in general with Porcelain Veneers, Dental Crowns & white fillings

We also have the amazing EMS Perio-Air Flow which is fantastic for tooth stain removal – read our blog - Get Teeth Cleaner Than you Ever Thought Possible

Posted by Karen Hobbs Dental Hygienist & Oral Therapist

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