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Tooth Capping - What Is A Dental or Tooth Cap?

2 porcelain crownsTooth Capping - What Is A Dental or Tooth Cap?
Many of you may be unsure as to the difference between teeth capping and dental crowns but really there is no difference. Dental or tooth caps are restorations made of porcelain, composite resin (white filling), gold, or even stainless steel, for the repair of damaged, decayed or unattractive teeth. The materials used are dependent on numerous factors including cost consideration, durability, location within the mouth and more- so contact us to discuss your specific circumstances and to make a best practice crown or cap recommendation for your tooth.

Tooth Caps or Crowns?
Although dentists & dental specialists refer to all of these restorations as “crowns”, many clients prefer to use the less technical term “cap.” Whichever term you use, a tooth cap entirely covers and strengthens the damaged tooth, improving it’s appearance, shape or alignment. Tooth capping is also used to provide a natural tooth-like shape and structure on top of a dental implant.

Why Cap Teeth?
Our team at Milford Dentists recommend capping of teeth for a range of reasons including:

  • The replacement of a large filling when there isn't sufficient tooth remaining
  • The protection of weak teeth from fracturing
  • The restoration of fractured teeth
  • The attachment of bridges
  • The "tooth part" above the gum line of dental implants
  • The aesthetic or structural cover of discoloured or poorly shaped tooth
  • The cover of teeth after root canal treatment to prevent future tooth fractue because the tooth is weakened

porcelain crownCapping Of Teeth or Veneers?
Although both dental caps/crowns or veneer placements are popular intermediate to long term restoration solutions, there are important clinical considerations and implications when making the decision.

Capping of teeth differs from veneers as after the removal of old fillings any fractured structure & dental decay, the dental cap completely covers the tooth to strengthen the tooth. In contrast, a dental veneer covers only the front surface (and sometimes the visible edges of the tooth and needs sufficient natural intact tooth structure to support it.

So contact us today we’re here to help and guide patients to ensure that with either procedure, you have a highly successful restoration.
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What Does A Tooth Cap Cost?

As at April 2016 At Milford Dentists, we offer a range of dental crowns/caps that are priced from $1579, with costs varying downwards to $527 dependent on construction & materials

  • All ceramic dental crowns, dental overlays & dental veneers are made from different porcelains
  • Porcelain crowns are fused to an inner metal thimble
  • Metal crowns are made of gold or semi-precious alloys
  • Composite resin crowns are made of white filling
  • Zirconium crowns

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