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Fastbraces Orthodontics cases

Fastbraces© worn for 7 months - Andrea Clarke BDS.

Thought I’d share a few of our Fastbraces cases before and after pics. Fastbraces brackets were invented by a clever orthodontist in America – Antony Viazis DDS MS. (See the final pic for where he’s worked). The thing that is different about Fastbraces is the shape of the bracket (triangular) allowing for very light torqueing movement of the teeth roots towards their final position right from the start of treatment. This light force is very similar to a tooth’s natural erupting force and as well as moving the whole tooth into a better position this force also stimulates bone growth creating a healthier shaped gum/tooth join. This an amazing thing to witness as a dentist  - the actual growth of bone …. This makes for quicker treatment times & less discomfort generally & a lower fee J NB - All the after photos were taken immediately after the brackets were removed so the gums look a wee bit angry. This settles down very quickly

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Fastbraces at Milford Dentists
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 Fastbraces© worn for 5 months - Andrea Clarke BDS.

The inventor of Fastbraces Antony Viazis DDS MS

Antony Viazis - Fastbraces inventor