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The Benefits Of Scale And Polish

Here’s why if you want to drastically improve the look of your smile and your overall oral health you should consider a scale and polish. It is quick and safe and will give you impressive results.

Be sure to make regular visits to your dental hygienist to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and clean. Going to the hygienist should be part of a regular oral care routine.

Don't wait until you have a dental issue - make your appointments regularly to prevent issues before they arrive. Booking an appointment with a hygienist is easier than ever because you can book them directly with the hygienist instead of having to see a dentist first.

A scale and polish is a cleaning process where the hygienist removes any staining and build-up from your teeth. Tartar build-up can be felt on the backs of your teeth. It will be scaled away and then the teeth will have their surface polished.

Stain Removal - The things that we eat and drink can cause staining of the teeth. Things like tobacco, tea, coffee, and red wine amongst other things cause stains, but a scale and polish can quickly and effectively remove this type of superficial staining and is recommended for most people every 6 months. You will enjoy a clean and bright smile after the procedure.

You can also expect other benefits from having a scale and polish…
Plaque Removal - Proteins in saliva are constantly at work to produce plaque on your teeth. Even if you have just brushed your teeth your mouth will begin to create plaque. If the plaque is not removed it begins to harden forming Calculus. Once plaque turns into tartar it becomes very difficult to remove by simply brushing. The most common areas in which tartar build-up occurs is in between teeth and hard to reach places between teeth and gums. If you are not able to reach these difficult areas regularly, tartar build-up will begin.

Reduce Instances Of Gum Recession, Tooth Decay, And Bleeding Gums - You can prevent gum bleeding and gum recession and destruction of the bone around teeth which leads to wobbly teeth and eventual loss of teeth by maintaining a gum infection free mouth. You can also significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay by having plaque removed. 

Fresh Breath - A scale and polish will help to reduce bad breath by removing build-up. If you are worried you or a loved one may have a bad breath problem see our Fresh Breath Clinic Page

A Beautiful Smile
- A scale and polish will give you a beautiful smile and increase your confidence.

Our Dental Hygienist Karen is able to assist with routine procedures like a scale & polish or root planing as do our Dentists Tristan, Geoff, Matt & Andrea. Still unsure? Need to know more? Not a regular client? ,Matt

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