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Dental Hygienist - Masked Hygienist

Many of you visit a Dental Hygienist or Dentist for anything from routine teeth cleaning to advanced Gum Disease Treatment. As well as making your mouth feel great after a scale & polish or more complex root planing therapy, there are proven benifits that impact on your overall health regarding cardiovascular disease susceptibility. People with gum infection have large quantities of pathogenic bacteria sitting right next to inflamed gum tissue. When you chomp together these bacteria are knocked into your blood stream. These bacteria dramatically increase your risk of suffering cardiovascular disease, Subacute bacterial endocarditis & infection of newly placed prosthetic joints like hip replacements. Before you watch the second youtube clip you might want to cheer yourself up by watching our cartoon strip animation - "The Masked Hygienist - Return of the Killer Cereal"

OK back to the serious stuff. This next film clips should give you an idea of the mechanism of gum infection & how it impacts on your ateries & veins & heart. Also read about "What is gum infection" here


We are here to help & here are some options 
Our Dental Hygienist Karen is able to assist with routine procedures like a scale & polish or root planing as do our Dentists Tristan, Geoff & Andrea. Sometimes broken teeth, a broken filling or a broken dental crown can cause food impaction leading to periodontitis / gum infection. Simple fixes like placing a white composite resin bonded filling or a porcelain or gold dental crown or porcelain overlay to close the contacts between the tooth are all that is required.

Regarding our newest team member - we are very excited to welcome Tristan. As well as routine dentistry Tristan brings a very specific skill set regarding the treatment of Periodontal / Gum Disease. After aquiring a great deal of surgical experience whilst working in a UK hospital Maxillofacial department and gaining his membership to the Faculty of Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons, England, Tristan has furthered his post graduate training with a Diploma in Restorative Dentistry (RCS Eng) & is 2 years into a three year MSc in Clinical Restorative Dentistry with a specific interst in Periodontology. This means he is able to provide treatment above & beyond that of a most general dentists like me (Andrea).

Tristan Barker BDS MFDS RCS(Eng) Dip. Rest. Dent. RCS(Eng) writes - "With regards to periodontal disease & its treatment, I am happy to perform non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy. Also I am happy to perform periodontal regeneration in infra bony defects with Emdogain, and also root surface coverage with coronally advanced flaps and emdogain +/- alloderm regenerative tissue matrix" ................. Translated into English this means he is a very safe pair of hands.

Tristan enjoys all aspects of general dentistry. He aims to provide his patients with the optimal experience in what is often an extensive and lengthy process. His ethos is of a relaxed but comprehensive attitude in providing the best possible care in a comfortable environment. 

Back to the reason for this blog as I've started waffling .......... Well the good news is that, if the gum disease is detected at its early stages, it can be treated and reversed, so an option is to get an idea of how healthy your gums are & take things from there. We can help with this.

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