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Cost Of Having Your Teeth Cleaned

Cost of having your teeth cleaned…. Whether it’s a simple scale & polish or more complex gum treatment or periodontal work, Milford Dentists Dental Hygienists Karen & Dentists Andrea, Geoff & Tristan who have been professionally cleaning teeth collectively for over 70 years can help. See our costs table below. NB costs are correct at the time of writing this Blog.

So what is the cost of gum treatment -This can vary depending at least 5 factors - 

  1. When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned ie was it just months ago or actually years ago?
  2. How often do you brush and floss your teeth?
  3. Are you are prone to plaque and tartar build up?
  4. Do you have periodontal disease or gingivitis?
  5. Are you predisposed to gum infection?

Thoroughly cleaning teeth can take quite some time - if you have a lot of build-up of hard calcified plaque (tartar or calculus) or gum infection this will take longer than a scale and polish for someone with a well maintained mouth & great oral hygiene.

Dental Hygienist Cost - As at June 2016    
Routine Scale & Polish Up to  $125
Removal of Calculus/Tartar with Scaling & Polishing Up to  $227
PerioAir Flow with Routine Scale & Polish Up to $159
Consultation about a specific problem Per 15 minute block $61 
 Intra oral X-rays $18 each Panorex X-ray $103

More complex periodontal treatment with a Dentist POA

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At a Hygiene visit we may also assess the health of your gums by checking around the cuff of gum around each tooth taking measurements and recording the depth of the pocketing here. This allows us to focus on problem areas & monitor these areas for improvements after gum treatment

Karen our Dental Hygienist also has a PerioAir Flow. This is the best piece of dental technology for removing difficult to get to staining using a gental stream of air, water & bicarbonate of soda – Read our blog about this here

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