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Amalgam Filling Removal Safely Case 3 Replacing Mercury Fillings

Amalgam Filling Removal Safely Remove Mercury Fillings Case 3This lovely lady from Browns Bay sought me out to safely remove all her old mercury amalgam fillings & replace them with either composite resin fillings or emax porcelain overlays. For these three teeth placing white fillings was clinically the best option.

3 Reasons for replacing old mercury amalgam/black fillings with white fillings instead of porcelain overlays or dental crowns

  1. The old silver amalgam fillings are small and no structural cracks have formed in the tooth

  2. The patient has requested just fillings to be placed - this is often due to cost as a filling option costs less than a dental crown option

  3. There are long term problems with the overall health of the mouth and a more costly dental crown/overlay is not indicated eg maybe the patient has gum infection which may lead to easrly tooth loss or maybe the patient has active tooth decay that ideally should be brought under control first.

Amalgam Filling Removal Safely Remove Mercury Fillings Case 3We opted to replace these three mercury amalgam fillings with colour matched white composite resin fillings. We placed a dental dam over the teeth. Dental or Rubber/Nitrile Dam placement has 4 advantages

  1. Whilst always using powerful suction, when I section out the old mercury amalgam all the amalgam waste is removed and no waste enters the mouth

  2. Whilst using rubber dental dam a smaller suction pipe or saliva ejector removes any mercury vapor and saliva from the mouth

  3. Most people find rubber dam very comfortable and prefer treatment with this rather than without. Sometimes there is a bit of fiddling around to put the rubber dam on, but once in place the whole procedure takes less time.

  4. Placing white composite resin fillings and porcelain dental crowns and overlays is all about perfect bonding technique. The great thing about adhesive dentistry or bonding white restorations to teeth is that the bond strengths are very strong. When biomemetic principles are followed the bond between your tooth and the new white filling or dental crown/overlay can mimic the strength of your original tooth.

    Using dental rubber dam allows the tooth/teeth to be isolated from the moisture of your mouth ie your saliva. Using dental dam increases the predictability of the bonding process making for long lasting beautiful and strong tooth coloured restorations 

Amalgam Filling Removal Safely Remove Mercury Fillings Case 3There was a lot of tooth decay under the two bigger mercury amalgam fillings. This was gently excavated & the composite resin fillings were bonded in using biomemetic bonding techniques

Everyone was happy with the final result and the treatment was uneventful both during and afterwards

Posted by Andrea Clarke BDS

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