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10 FAQs about Fillings

17 May 2018

What is a filling? A filling is a procedure used to restore a hole in a tooth, or to repair a chipped tooth and return it to its original shape. Dentists use materials that bond to your teeth, and are non-toxic. How do you know when you need a filling? Sometimes there are no signs that you have… More

What Would Happen if You Never Treated a Cavity?

26 April 2018

Dental cavities can be a hassle for busy people who are short of time. Although ignoring the pain and discomfort of tooth cavities isn’t advisable. The outcome for ignoring a decaying tooth or cavity can only be further deterioration. Here is a guide to learning what happens when you leave a cavity untreated. Further deterioration and… More

Common Signs You Need Fillings

29 March 2018

Taking care of your dental hygiene is a big part of your overall health. Besides a regular brushing and flossing routine, it is important to watch out for signs and symptoms that may suggest the need for dental fillings. Undiagnosed dental problems can become a huge problem later in your life, and can keep adding… More

What to Expect When Removing Wisdom Teeth

23 February 2018

You may hear stories about other people getting wisdom teeth removed, but most people don’t know the surgical process until they themselves have problems with their wisdom teeth. If you’re in this boat, or you want to know what to expect for future reference, keep on reading. We’ll explain what to expect when getting wisdom… More

How to Relieve Pain from Wisdom Teeth

25 January 2018

Wisdom teeth can definitely make themselves known! They erupt at the back of the mouth through the gum, and that can sometimes be painful. It's best to consult your dentist if you are having  dental pain or discomfort but if this is not possible some of these solutions might help nurse things along. If your… More

What are the Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Coming in?

15 December 2017

If you haven’t already gotten your wisdom teeth extracted, there are some signs you should watch out for. When wisdom teeth start to erupt, it’s important to deal with them sooner rather than later.   What are Wisdom Teeth? Wisdom teeth are four teeth tucked behind the second permanent molars. Often called an evolutionary relic, wisdom teeth frequently… More

5 Before & After Photos that Show the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

14 November 2017

Cosmetic dentistry is a safe and common practice that involves treatment that improves the appearance of teeth, gums and bite. It focuses on how a smile looks and the confidence you’ll feel from an enhanced set of pearly whites, but it can also be used to improve the overall health of your mouth. Check out… More

Why Have I Got Toothache?

02 November 2017

Toothache can range from a tooth being sensitive to cold, to pain on biting or even be a constant pain that mean people can't sleep properly! There are many causes of toothache and we will discuss some of these and different options available for how they can be treated.  Dentine Hypersensitivity This tends to occur in patients who's… More

Using White Fillings for Cosmetic Dentistry

11 October 2017

Cosmetic dentistry includes many tratment options such as braces, porcelain restorations dental implants etc. Nowadays, we can whiten stained teeth back to their pearly days, bond veneers onto teeth to create a new smile and even give your gum a lift to make your teeth look longer and more symmetrical. But there are some services… More

Veneers: All You Need to Know

18 September 2017

A lovely smile is a sign of confidence and happiness. Unfortunately, too many people feel insecure about their teeth and hide their lovely smile with their hand, or smile with their lips closed. Having teeth that you are proud of can change your life in positive ways, and veneers are a popular solution to beautify… More

The Tooth Decay Process: How To Reverse It And Avoid Cavities

17 August 2017

No-one likes it, but we’re all used to it. Tooth decay and cavities can be avoided, yet most of us have experienced many painful trips to the dentist. Root fillings, tooth crowns, composite veneers – they’re no fun for anyone! If you want to keep your smile looking great for years to come, take care… More

cavitiestooth decay

What Are Composite Fillings Made Of?

17 July 2017

Composite resins (a.k.a. white or tooth-colored fillings) provide a durable, strengthened alternative or replacement to traditional amalgam (a.k.a. silver or mercury) fillings.  Modern composites can be applied to either front or back teeth. They are made from a blend of non-toxic tooth-coloured plastic and glass beads for dental restoration of decayed or fractured teeth and cosmetic improvements.The use… More

Mercury & Amalgam Silver Filling Removal

19 June 2017

While mercury amalgam (aka silver, metal or black) fillings have been a mainstay cavity solution for more than 150 years, new dental techniques and technology have enabled the development of durable, high strength alternatives that include composite resin white fillings, dental crowns and porcelain overlays.At Milford Dentists, we have used these more natural-looking materials for… More

White Fillings - Just The Facts

15 May 2017

When you're considering dental fillings, what's the biggest decision you’re most likely to have to make before your appointment?It's very probable that you need to make a choice between white or mercury amalgam (AKA silver or black) fillings. So do you ask a friend what they recommend, or research online to see what others suggest? While we… More

What Are White Fillings Made Of?

17 April 2017

What Are White Fillings Made Of? The purpose of a filling is to help restore your damaged or decayed teeth, to help them regain their normal function and shape. A white (or composite) filling is typically made of a tooth-coloured acrylic resin with a powdered glass mixture (hardened using a high-intensity blue light) which offers many… More

White Fillings - How Long Will They Last ?

13 March 2017

When considering dental restoration or repair, a common question asked by our current and prospective clients is “How long do white fillings last?" However, although we have many clients with long-life white fillings; the answer is - it depends. While early research has shown that the average tooth – coloured filling lasts for a minimum of five years, our… More

The Cost Of A Dental Implant [2017]

13 February 2017

Restoring a missing tooth by placing a straightforward Dental Implant and Dental Crown into a healthy mouth with strong supporting gum & bone costs upwards of $4895 in 2017.  See below for our full related cost table for related products & proceedures. What Is A Dental Implant? A dental implant replaces one or more missing teeth and consist… More

White Fillings versus Dental Amalgam Fillings

16 January 2017

I have been staring at old dental amalgams for nearly 30 years wondering why the teeth containing them fracture or break up & why there is almost always dental decay beneath them when I go to fix them. Silver Fillings vs White FillingsAt Milford Dentists, North Shore, I haven’t placed a Dental amalgam (silver/metal) filling… More

Tooth Abscesses – The Basics

12 December 2016

A bacterial infection causes a tooth abscess. They can occur anywhere in the mouth, and can be recognized by the pocket of pus that forms as a result of the infection. There are two basic types of abscesses. The first is called a periapical, which occurs at the tip of the tooth root. The second,… More

The Benefits Of Scale And Polish

14 November 2016

Here’s why if you want to drastically improve the look of your smile and your overall oral health you should consider a scale and polish. It is quick and safe and will give you impressive results.Be sure to make regular visits to your dental hygienist to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and clean. Going… More

Why Use Dental Floss

17 October 2016

Why Should I floss? Why does my Hygienist keep telling me to floss daily? Why does my Dental Floss smell bad after I've used it? Many questions to answer & all important to your oral hygiene... Your toothbrush cleans the outer and top surfaces of your teeth but does not clean in between your teeth. Dental… More

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry

15 September 2016

Just what is it and is it right for you? If you are thinking about significantly (or subtly) improving your smile, Milford Dentists have collectively almost 80 years experience in creating great looking teeth across Auckland using cosmetic dentistry. From simple, inexpensive procedures or full makeovers, there are many different ways cosmetic dentistry can create a… More

Dentures And False Teeth Q And A Dental Health Guide

20 August 2016

Do you or your loved ones lack some or all of their teeth? Whether it is from gum disease, tooth decay or injury, replacing, missing teeth will result in a more attractive appearance and be of benefit to your health because amongst other things you will be able to chew your food better.  Earlier dentures (or… More

Children & Kids Cavities - Learn To How To Protect Your Toddlers Teeth

30 July 2016

Tooth decay and cavities affect not only adults but also our children – and from a very early age. So to keep your kids smile happy and healthy, make sure you keep their teeth properly cleaned and flossed and include regular dental visits to reduce the likelihood of later treatments and unexpected costs. You may… More

Halitosis What Is It & What Can I Do About It?

28 June 2016

Halitosis, (known more informally as bad breath ), is an unpleasant, chronic oral condition that can be embarrassing and in some cases cause anxiety as it continues to persist even when you’ve taken steps to avoid or reduce it.In response to this problem, when you step into stores, you’ll find shelves stocked to capacity with… More

Fastbraces Orthodontics cases

22 May 2016

Thought I’d share a few of our Fastbraces cases before and after pics. Fastbraces brackets were invented by a clever orthodontist in America – Antony Viazis DDS MS. (See the final pic for where he’s worked). The thing that is different about Fastbraces is the shape of the bracket (triangular) allowing for very light torqueing… More

Tooth Capping - What Is A Dental or Tooth Cap?

22 April 2016

Tooth Capping - What Is A Dental or Tooth Cap?Many of you may be unsure as to the difference between teeth capping and dental crowns but really there is no difference. Dental or tooth caps are restorations made of porcelain, composite resin (white filling), gold, or even stainless steel, for the repair of damaged, decayed… More

broken teethdental crowns

Why Choose White Or Tooth Coloured Fillings

04 March 2016

As children, for many with our first tooth cavities, there was but a single solution available from the dentist or dental nurse. A black filling.  They were commonly known as metal, sometimes as silver or amalgam but no matter what name you gave them, they were unsightly and very obvious. Now there are a range… More

Why Choose White Or Composite Fi

White Fillings To Mask Dead Black Or Grey Teeth - Case Study 1

05 February 2016

4 Reasons Why Teeth Die And Go Black Or Grey A dead or non vital tooth will often discolour or darken. Here's why. Because the tooth has been hit hard and this percussion injury has killed the blood supply feeding into the tooth Because the tooth has been snapped/fractured by trauma and the exposed nerve becomes infected with… More

Teeth Whitening | Case Study | M

Amalgam Filling Removal Safely Case 3 Replacing Mercury Fillings

15 January 2016

This lovely lady from Browns Bay sought me out to safely remove all her old mercury amalgam fillings & replace them with either composite resin fillings or emax porcelain overlays. For these three teeth placing white fillings was clinically the best option. 3 Reasons for replacing old mercury amalgam/black fillings with white fillings instead of porcelain… More

Loose lower dentures 5 solutions Case 2 Lower Denture with Special Dental Crowns

27 December 2015

Lower dentures are normally the trickiest denture for people to get used to. Here are 3 reasons they are often loose and uncomfortable. Your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. It can easily flick a lower denture around. A lower denture only has a thin horseshoe shaped area of gum to sit on (unlike an… More

4 Reasons Why You Need White Fillings

17 November 2015

Over the years have you ever stared into your mouth & thought - maybe it’s time to get a more attractive smile? When many of us had our first tooth cavities, there was a single solution available, commonly known as Mercury amalgam (or Silver) dental fillings have historically been used to repair a tooth affected by… More

What Is The Difference Between A Filling And A Crown?

18 August 2015

If you have a sore tooth and are looking to get it fixed you might wonder what the difference is between a filling and a crown? Dentists can fill a tooth, or crown a tooth, they can create a filling and mould a crown but they are two very different processes even though they sound… More

Q and A Orthodontics And Fastbraces Why, How Long, Does It Hurt?

16 July 2015

1. What is Fastbraces®?  Fastbraces® were developed to straighten teeth differently. Fastbraces® is the revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics.  It is a complete, non-extraction system for most cases, which provides patients with outstanding results.  2. How does it work? Traditional braces move teeth into position… More

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Other Treatments?

11 June 2015

7 Reasons Why A Dental Implant May Be A Good Option For You What are the advantages of dental implants over dentures and bridges? A dental Implant is pretty much the next best thing to replace a missing tooth - Once dental implants are fully integrated into your jaw; they function just as well as your own… More

7 Reasons Why Fastbraces Might Work For You

01 May 2015

Fastbraces® Highlights FAST – treatment time that is measured in months instead of years! EASY – retainers for only 15-20 minutes a day SAFE –  Tested by leading Universities in the U.S., Europe, and South America QUALITY – The original, certified by the Inventor and made in the U.S. SIMPLE – Almost always Non-Extraction treatment CLEAN – possibly less decay around… More

Periodontal (Gum) Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

10 April 2015

A beautiful smile begins with a strong foundation of healthy gums. Early detection and treatment of periodontal disease can help most people to preserve their teeth for a lifetime.  Milford Dentists offers a comprehensive periodontal disease prevention and treatment program because a solid foundation of healthy gums is essential in protecting not just your teeth… More

How Is A Dental Implant Put In

22 March 2015

How is a dental implant placed or "put in"?Before any implants are placed, it is important for your dentist to assess the health of your teeth and gums. If there are any signs of gum disease or decay, these must first be treated. Thereafter, your Dental Implant placement treatment will be planned following several x-rays… More

What Can I Do About White Spots On My Teeth?

01 February 2015

If you’ve ever wondered “how do I get rid of white or brown spots on teeth or what can I do about white or brown spots on my teeth" then read on. These white or brown opaque areas on teeth can’t simply be polished away during a routine scale and polish at the dental hygienists… More

What Toothbrush Is Best

11 January 2015

What Kind Of Tooth Brush Should I Use? - Soft, Medium Or Hard Or Electric? Before working in the dental world I used to think the harder the brush the better the clean. Hard bristles scrubbing your teeth clean. Well I was so wrong. Did you know that if you use a hard or medium bristle… More

Cost Of Having Your Teeth Cleaned

19 December 2014

Cost of having your teeth cleaned…. Whether it’s a simple scale & polish or more complex gum treatment or periodontal work, Milford Dentists Dental Hygienists Karen & Dentists Andrea, Geoff & Tristan who have been professionally cleaning teeth collectively for over 70 years can help. See our costs table below. NB costs are correct at… More

Get Teeth Cleaner Than you Ever Thought Possible

31 October 2014

Find out how to remove stain on teeth & get teeth cleaner than ever at Milford Dentists with our Perio-Air Flow and our Dental Hygienist. As well as offering all forms of dental hygiene treatments such as a scale & polish with our Dental Hygienist Karen or more complex root planning & periodontal surgery with Tristan Barker… More

The Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Removal [2017]

04 October 2014

See the table below for "What is the cost of wisdom tooth removal" in New Zealand. The Cost of Wisdom Teeth RemovalAt Milford Dental, the 2017 cost of wisdom tooth removal begins at $253 (per tooth) for easy extraction and advances to more complex teeth from $523 upwards – based on difficulty. If there is added… More

Cost Of Dental Crown

03 October 2014

Here are the costs for Dental Crowns and Overlays at Milford Dentists as at the time of posting this blog.  Cost of Dental Crowns at Milford Dentists 2014/2015 NZ Made Overseas Made Emax Crowns and overlays  $1540  $1340 Empress Crowns & Overlays   $1540   $1140 Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown   $1540   $1240 Zirconia Crowns   $1540   $1340 Gold Growns & Overlays   $1540 + Gold   $1340 + Gold Metal Crowns  $1240  $1040   What is the Cost of a dental Crown? At… More

8 Reasons Why You Need A Dental Crown

25 September 2014

Here are 8 reasons why having a dental crown can improve how your teeth work. A Dental Crown, Dental Overlay or Dental Veneer -  strengthens a tooth acting like a crash helmet or thimble to hold things together restores the shape of a tooth to help with eating and or decrease food trapping replaces worn tooth improves a tooth’s… More

What Types Of Dental Crowns Are Available?

15 September 2014

Dental crowns, dental overlays or dental veneers can be made to create beautiful natural looking teeth whilst also strengthening the underlying tooth. So what types of dental crowns are available at Milford Dentists, North Shore, in Auckland? The types of dental crowns that are available Emax crowns on front teeth 1) All ceramic dental crowns & dental overlays &… More

Dental Hygienist - Masked Hygienist

06 September 2014

Many of you visit a Dental Hygienist or Dentist for anything from routine teeth cleaning to advanced Gum Disease Treatment. As well as making your mouth feel great after a scale & polish or more complex root planing therapy, there are proven benifits that impact on your overall health regarding cardiovascular disease susceptibility. People with… More

kids dentist near me

01 September 2014

Are You looking for a close by specialist? Milford Dentists is a Kids dentist near you......... Parents often ask “when should I bring my child to the dentist”. My answer to this is “as early as possible”. I believe it is very important for children to see health professionals in happy non-threatening situations. Let’s talk about an… More

What is Gum Disease?

31 August 2014

I get asked “what is gum infection” and “how does gum infection happen all the time…….. Also “why do my gums bleed when I brush them” and why do I need a scale & polish” are other favourite questions. Well, gum disease is a bacterial infection of the tooth supporting structures of your mouth ie… More

Dental Accident & Emergency

30 August 2014

A dental accident & emergency can happen at any time......... So I'm watching TV when I get this text from my fantastic dental technician David De Wet of Oral Art. Just one look at at the attached photo & I knew that this young chap from Takapuna (and his parents & his twin sister) would… More

How To Stop Tooth Decay

29 August 2014

I often get asked how to stop tooth decay. You'd think that keeping your teeth healthy by eating healthily & keeping them clean was about as easy as getting off a chairlift - wrong. This movie clip shows - 1) that getting off a chairlift isn't that simple2) How bacteria form plaque on your teeth… More